Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Favorite Ideas of 2012

Favorite Ideas of 2012

I love these adorable penguins.  I cannot wait to make them again in January.   It was one of those projects that were so colorful and fun you could not help but smile when you looked at it.  The original penguin was from First Grade Blue Skies.  

 Love! Love! Love! These colorful Rainbows.  They were super simple to make and brighten up the room.  My class was so sad when I took them down.  I don't remember were I found these but these are wonderful.  

The addition of i-pads to my classroom had made a lot of changes in how things operate in my classroom.  The children listen to stories, practice and review math each day on them and we use them for handwriting review.  

I love the character banner my students made for the reading area.  Another simple and colorful project for the classroom.  

This was a last minute idea....move my reading center away from my calendar area.  Wow!  This turned out to be a great idea.  I love how I can have many children reading quietly in this area and I was able to keep their reading boxes under the bench.  
Adding the number words above my numbers was a wonderful ideas, I still need to do more work on adding math vocabulary in my classroom.

On the left in two sets of drawers in the leftover crayon drawer.  This is a lifesaving classroom organizing idea I found on Pinterest from Miss Squirrels.  It makes finding and putting away lost crayons so easy. This is a must do idea!  

I finally added white contact paper and big dots to the back of my file cabinets.  Looks Marvelous! 

As one of my organizing projects this past spring I put new covers on my lesson binders and new labels on the side of my binders.  Another project that turned out great and looks wonderful!

I just love these owls outside my classroom at the beginning of the year.  I know I had the owl theme two years in a row but the owls are sooooooo cute. 

This is one of those last minute ideas.  After reading the story, We Are Alike, We Are Different, my little ones made these cute faces.  Ummm where should I put them, how about around the poster from eighteen24.  

This was so adorable, my paraprofessional put this Pilgrim House together to add to my pilgrim dramatic play area.  They kids loved looking out the window.

Adding a home connection to my Advent story this year was a great idea.  Each day the children walked in the door asking, "What will we make today?"  I loved that they were thinking and asking about the Nativity story and not focusing on Santa.

I loved this Christmas Card Exchange and the connection with classrooms around the country.  I sure hope I can do something like it again next year.   

If you have a favorite idea from your blog, I would love to read it.  Please leave me a link below. 

Thanks for reading, Sue


  1. Those penguins are too cute! Thank you for the shout out!! I am loving the rest of the pics, too!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Thank you for the link to the classroom poster! Also enjoyed the pics and ideas:)


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