Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Polar Express

A week before the unit begins send home boxes with the children include directions about creating a train box.

Start the unit with the book:  Freight Train by Donald Crews

On Monday......I have the students create a freight project.  

For math lessons during the week, I do these worksheets from Making Learning Fun....

I introduce one a day and then let them choose on Thursday and Friday for review.

On Tuesday..... I read the book:  Santa's Book of Names

 I have the children draw Christmas decorations on the train art project.

On Wednesday ...... I read the story:  Dream Snow

I like the book Dream Snow because Eric Carle has a lot of snow in his illustrations.  After I read this story I have the children paint snow with white paint and q-tips on their train art projects.  

Check List for the Polar Express Party:
1.  PJ's
2.  Chocolate Milk and Crockpot
3.  Whip Cream
4.  Christmas Cups and Napkins
5.  Bells on Red Ribbon

6.   Assign Parent to make treat

7.  Story of the Month at Barnes and Noble:

8.    Souvenir Trains

9.  Decorate Classroom Door 

10.  Put down train tracks between classrooms

11.  Look for these Vintage Train Tickets


  1. Looks Great! We are doing Polar Express this week also! ALL ABOARD! :D

  2. I adore the train car boxes! They look so fun! I am doing Polar Express next week as well, so thank you for refreshing my ideas and adding some GREAT ideas to my file!

    Thanks again :)


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