Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scary Scarecrows

All month my students practiced reading this poem........

and on Scarecrow day they received their own copy of the poem to illustrate.
They circled the star reading words we have practiced so far.......a, the, to, I, and, BOO (just for fun.)

I of course drew the black and white illustrations on the poem above but the children did their own.

I read them the story:

and then they created scarecrows for the pumpkin market.

Notice the shapes in our scarecrows......we reviewed our shapes as we worked.  

During Math, the students worked on pattern block scarecrows......
I found this rhyme years ago and added the patten blocks to it to create a classbook.

Then the students copied my pattern block scarecrow from the smartboard, Click Here if you want the file.  It is for Notebook 10.

After the glue dried on the scarecrows......the children added a background.
Here are two student samples:

I put them in a binder to create a class book, which the children love.  

I also read:


  1. Toooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks! This goes into my back to school 2012 file.

  3. Where did you get the pattern blocks they used for the scarecrow's body? I am having a hard time finding some to print.

    1. Thanks Dana for your comment. I have had the pattern blocks patterns in my files forever. I got them years ago in a Math Their Way Packet.



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