Friday, January 20, 2017

I Spy the Alphabet

Recently I purchased this I SPY LETTERS book for little four year olds who are learning their letters.  They loved looking at the pictures in the book and finding the different things.    

Afterwards we played an I SPY game I made with all my extra alphabet stickers.  
I used 12 x 12 white scrapbook paper and just put all capital letter stickers on one side of the paper.  
Then I put lowercase letters on the other side.  Then I laminated the sheets.

Now with the boys we play I SPY...

The one little boy says, "I spy with my little eyes..."  It is so cute.  
The cost of the project depends on the extra supplies you have around.  I only purchased the book.  Everything else I found in my supplies.  

I made several mats and right now I am teaching them to play in small group.  Maybe they will be able to play on their own during centers.  

Did You Know...that Oriental Trading has a coupon and savings page.  I thought you might want to bookmark it.  Katie from OT asked me to share this with you.  She has been super kind to me this school year so I thought I would pass on the information to you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Author of the Month Helen Lester

I can honestly say the Helen Lester's books are some of my favorite books for teaching young children.  The children love the humor and illustrations in the books.   What I like about the books as a teacher is that each story has a lesson to learn.  

Helen Lester has written so many wonderful books it is really worth your time to look at her website and see which of her books will work in your lesson plans.  

I have been working hard each month creating links for the teachers at my school on our share website.  I also put a couple links for a few free resources I found on Pinterest as well.   I have created qr codes for the classroom with ipads.  

For each of the Helen Lester books I found on youtube I found the cover on google images.  Then I created a qr code.  
I created mini posters that I will hang up by the author board and it will have a dual purpose.  It will look good and the kiddos can get the qr codes to listen to stories. 

I also created some reading challenge sheets for advance students.  You know who I mean, those students who are the first to finish everything.  
   You can find everything FREE HERE!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Reference Folders

One of the things I noticed as I am working in my new position at school is that I am often walking back into classrooms to get reference charts or wishing I had a poster hanging up somewhere to show the students where to find basic information.  The other day I noticed of the kindergarten teachers had some reference folders in her classroom.  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest under mini office. I found lots of awesome ideas but there was not one folder that fit all my needs. However, I found lots of wonderful teachers who were willing to share the things they created for FREE!

So I printed out a couple of ideas I thought would be useful in my daily teaching and put together my own folders.  
Inside the folder I crammed in as much language arts as possible. I believe all of these resources were free.  I did add some stickers for extra color.   
4.  Days of the Week and Months by  ??

On the outside of the folder I put as much math as possible.
1.  Hundreds Chart by Kindercraze  (This was from a paid product I already had.) 
2.  Numberline by ??

I think this is a wonderful idea and you can make them for different age groups.  It is nice to have a reference folder handy when you need one.  

P.S.  I know I am missing two resources I can not find where I got them from.  If I come across them I will update the page.  Sorry.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

K is for Kindergarten

One of my readers suggested that I make another cover for my book F is for First Grade but for a kindergarten class.  What a great suggestion!  I don't know why I didn't think of it.  Kindergarten is mainly where the alphabet is taught. 

This is a book I generally have my students make the first week of school to introduce themselves.  I read the book A My Name is Alice.  

As a class we brainstorm a list of things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Then during centers the students complete the class page.

So thanks to Elizabeth I added a new cover to my unit on TPT now kindergarten teachers can have their class make this book anytime during the year as they are working on the alphabet. 

F is for First Grade/K is for Kindergarten will be my featured product this month and will be on sale for $1.  


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals for 2017

The Very Busy Kindergarten Blog has been my place to share my teaching ideas the past several years.  Each year brings new surprises for me as a teacher and as a person.  I love sharing the ideas I am using as an educator.  

This past year I have tried to be more consistent with my blogging. I am trying very hard to share two ideas from my teaching and then Friday Favorites each week. 

I will hopefully continue with that blogging schedule this year.  I will continue to focus on preschool through second grade ideas that I am using with the students I work with.  I am continuing to update my teacher resource site that I use and several other teachers at my school use as well.  

I am also working on revamping many of the products I have at my TPT store as well as create new ones.  I try to keep my prices low because I know teachers spend their own money purchasing things and our money needs to stretch. The little bit of money I make pays for the graphics I use on my products and freebies and any extra for educational supplies for my students. 

Thank you for reading The Very Busy Kindergarten Blog.  I hope you have a wonderful year.   


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