Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Challenge Activity 1 - Lucky 4

Lucky 4 Freebie
This is going to be my first activity for my Challenge folders.  
Now I know that money is not part of first grade Common Core....however I notice that my students do not know how to identify money at all.  Every time there is a bake sale the kids are asking me for help.  So I decided we are going to work on identifying and counting basic coins.  I want my first graders to be prepared for second grade.   So this is something we are going to work on.  I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest but I wanted all my activities to be March oriented.  So I changed it up a bit.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In My Heart

I found this wonderful book at Target.  It is a beautiful book about feelings.  My class enjoyed it so much.  They loved looking at the hearts.  

Each holiday my students make cards for the elderly.  It is hard coming up with new ideas.  When I saw this book I knew right away what I wanted to do this year.
After I read the story to the children I showed them how to create the hearts by starting with a small heart and making it bigger each time.  

My partner teacher found these wonderful bible verses on Pinterest.  You can find them at Bible Story Printables.  I had the children pick the verse they wanted to put inside their cards.  

The  cards turned out cute.  Each child made two cards.  One for his/her parents and another one for the elderly.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

101 Day Follow Up

This is our puppy bulletin board.
  I wanted the children to do a writing about dogs however I was out sick part of last week so I ran out of time.

I washed out the doggie treat container and put in some Scooby snacks that I received from one of my students.  I put 24 treats in a baggie to give to the speciality teachers to pass out if the puppies were good in class.  The kids and the teachers loved this.  
Here are my little puppies.  They were so excited to come to school in spots.  When we watched the movie 101 Dalmatians,  I was surprised how many children had not seen the movie yet.

At the end of the day, I had the children work in pairs.   Each pair was given a piece of string that was 101 centimeters long.  The children searched around the room looking for things greater/less than 101 centimeters.  

Throughout the rest of the day the children worked in their 101 day booklet.  
read more here

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines for my Students

It's that time of year when you have to search out wonderful ideas of valentines to give to your students.  My students this year are all about OLAF!   Still.....really I am not joking.  when we read stories about snowman and created our own snowmen that is what everyone of them were drawing and making.  It is the number one song request for Brain Break time.

When I was telling my daughter about this.....she got all excited because she LOVES Olaf too.  (She is 24 years old!)  She found a cute Olaf valentine on pinterest to make.  So that is what we made today.....

20 Olaf valentine treat bags.  It was really easy to make.

1.  Go to One Creative  and print out the Olaf bag toppers.  Fill out one per student.
2.  Supplies you will need:  stick pretzels, candy corn, brown mini m & m's, a mini tube of white frosting, large marshmallows, and mini marshmallows and bags to put the snowmen in.

3.  I "glued"  the m & m's on first with the frosting to the large marshmallows.
4.  Then I assembled the bags.

This project was very easy to do.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Done.....What should I do??????

I hear it all the time......I finished my work what should I do know.  Well it is February and I think (knock on wood) the kids can finally figure it out.

In my first grade classroom I have a system.  It starts every time we do an assignment.  In their desks each student has a red folder, that is where they put work they do not finish throughout the day.

When they find themselves with a free moment they start with their red folder  and finish their work.

The next step is to move to their challenge folder.  Each month I create 16 challenge assignments from the help from other bloggers.
They have incentives to complete the activities correctly.  My students must complete one challenge activity before they can have "free choice"  in the classroom.
The goal is to get four in a row to earn a ticket.  Tickets can be used to get coupons.  
#1  Addition Love Bug Game 
#2  Mixed Up Animal Sentence
#3 Find, Tally and Graph
#4  Letter for My Valentine
# 5  Money for My Valentine
#6  Valentine Word Problems
#7  Adding Up Postage
#8  Valentine Word Search
#9  Sweet Nouns
#10  Double the Fun Game
#11  Read and Write
#12  Valentine ABC
#13  February Reading Challenge
#14  True and False Spin Math
#15  Solve, Cut, Paste It
#16  Sort Math Facts

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