Thursday, March 24, 2016

Notes about Ipads

I am taking an ipad course and the first assignment is how do you use ipads in your classroom and in your school.  I thought it would be nice to share this information with you as well.

I love having ipads in my classroom.  I have two school ipads and two personal ipads that I have synced with the school account.  For the most part I use the ipads for enrichment type activities because I do not have enough for everyone.   I set up the apps or qr lessons for the students and they just use the ipads to complete the directions I give them.

I prefer teaching in small groups so generally I have a group of five to six children sharing the four ipads.  My students have been pretty good about sharing however generally one student tends to do most of the work.  I manage my own ipads and have had to learn how to trouble shoot the best I can.  I don’t have much of a storage place for them.  I use some magazine containers between my computers and the end of the day I lock them in my teacher locker.

I read the blog post by Jayne Clare, 17 Pros and Cons of Using Ipads in the Classroom.  I agreed with a lot of what the author was saying.  Ipads are great for elementary classrooms because they have a good battery life, there are so many apps out there, it is super user friendly for young children, it is lightweight and easy for them to carry and best of all it is fast.  I also like the students can plug in their headphones and not disturb the rest of the class.  

An issue my school needs to think about is accountability.  Not all homerooms have ipads, I think several of the elementary teachers had them on a wish list one year.  So the middle school teachers are constantly borrowing them, needless to say, the ipads are coming back scratched and the protective covers are starting to stretch off.   Who is responsible for them? 

I would also like to see my school offer more training for the teachers and some type of lessons of internet safety for the students. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who's In Rabbit's House?

I have been so busy lately.  For the last two weeks my first graders and I have been working on our play, Who's in Rabbit's House?  Lots of reading and practicing our parts.  We made our masks during recess and practiced every morning.    

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Adding the Holy Spirit to Art

On one of my sick days I left behind an assignment for my draw a picture of how you can help the Holy Spirit.  My wonderful substitute took it a step further.  She knew of an artist, Brother Mickey McGrath, that created all his artwork with the symbol of the Holy Spirit in it. 

The children's art work turned out amazing.  This is one of my favorites.  The little girl is watering a plant with the Holy Spirit on her head.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine Cards for the Elderly and Parents

I saw this idea in a recent magazine.  I torn the idea out so I could remember it.  Unfortunately I lost it so now I don't know where the idea came from.  Anyways, I thought this would be a fun project for my first graders.  Each student made two cards:  one for an elderly person in our parish and another one for their parents.  

The children thought is was fun to draw the XOXOXO after I explained it meant hugs and kisses.  I tried to get them to paint with shades reds, pinks and purples however they had their own favorite colors.  
It was very simple to do.  I cut regular construction paper to the size I needed.  Each child used their white crayons to draw the xoxoxo or hearts.  Then they watercolored the covers of the cards.  The cards were left out to dry.  Then I put them under a heavy basket to flatten them out.  

We put a little prayer inside of them...which of course I can not find now.  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chinese New Year Idea

I found the cutest book on Amazon a couple weeks ago, Paper Lanterns.  I took a chance and ordered it.  My class enjoyed the book a lot.  The story was about a little boy who studies under the master to learn how to make paper lanterns.  The book was a great tool for discussing author's purpose, setting, characters and events. 

After we read the book we made Chinese lanterns in a variety of colors.  We sponge painted flowers and outlined them with black sharpies.  Next they wrote some Chinese characters on the border.  The project was a lot of fun. The bright lanterns are a joy to look each day.
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