Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back To School Gifts for Teachers

Each year on the first day of school I like to surprise my co-workers with a little something to start the school year off with. I wish I could do something for the entire staff however I just focus on the teachers on my level.   

This year I decided to make Sunshine in a Jar.  
I have tons of jars around the house so that was easy enough to find.  I did purchase the yellow caps from Swiss Miss Closet on Etsy.  The rest of the supplies I found at TARGET.  
I made my own tags with a graphic and fonts from Graphics from the Pond on TPT. 
Download the tag by clicking on the image and saving it to your desktop!

It was super easy to put together and I think my fellow teachers will love them.  

Happy First Day of School! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

It's Almost the First Day

The first day of school is just around the corner and every teacher is going to ask their students to do the same assignment no matter what grade you teach.....

Write a sentence or two to describe your summer vacation.

This assignment generally puts kindergarteners and first graders into a panic.  I don't know how to write or spell yet.  

Even though the teacher says spelling is not important right now or just sound it out the best you can..... the children still panic.

So I put together a word chart to help the children get started with thinking about their summer as well as spelling some of the big words.  
Click Here for a FREE copy
Hopefully this will ease the stress your little writers feel on that first day of school.  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Five for Friday -- August 19

This has been an exciting week around my house, lots of ups and downs.  I started by with teacher in-service as well.  

1.  We had a surprise birthday party for my husband at the Brewers Game. It was so much fun and very hot.   

However, then we came home and watched the news and there is a lot of tension in our city. Although this is not close to where I live, I pray for peace and togetherness every night.   

2.  My husband and I took some time to talk through our five year goals this week.  What do we want to accomplish before he retires.  
3.  I have made a goal board behind the door in my craft room with blogging, personal, travel and house goals.  This makes my goals real and reminds me daily what to strive for.  
4.  When I went shopping at Target I found these Removable Apple Chalkboard Decals in the $1 Section.  I thought they made great headers for my goal board.  
5.  I was so excited to receive these wonderful gifts from Oriental Trading this week.  It brighten my day.  
Thank you Kacey from Doodle Bugs for hosting the Linky Party.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gifts from Oriental Trading


Recently I received an email from Katie at Oriental Trading offering me $75 dollars worth of classroom supplies for FREE!  Wow!  What a generous gift!  

At first I wanted to get all the Paint Chip Decorations I could find they are absolutely adorable, however then I remember I had a new role at school this year and I would be traveling between classrooms.  So I have to be a little bit more practical about what I picked out.

One thing I love to do is give out gifts especially for birthdays so one of the teachers I work with and I found a birthday cup idea on Pinterest.  We are going to fill the cups up with lots of goodies including these bouncy balls we ordered from Oriental Trading.   

Another thing I decided to order was plastic folders for reading folders.  Then when I work with students they have someplace to put the books and notes I give them to take home and review.  

Next, I ordered an art project for my favorite class, the second graders, to make when they are learning about Reconciliation. Second Grade is such a big year and it is so hard to find projects to use when teaching Reconciliation.  

And finally I ordered some Multicultural Markers because you can never have enough of these. 
 Thank you again Oriental Trading for a the wonderful gifts.  I know the students at my school will appreciate the items very much.

  P.S.  I created a wish list of more items I hope to get soon:
Wish List Link

Please Note This Disclaimer:  I did get this items for free in exchange for this post.  However I would have purchased these items anyways.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Five for Friday -- August 12

This is my last full week of summer vacation.  At the end of next week in-services start and summer is officially over.  
1.  This week I have been working on making gifts for the other teachers on my level.  This is something I like to do every year to start the school year.  I not quite finished yet but I hope to finish by the end of the weekend.
2.  I added a writing checklist to the students' writing folders.  I hope this will help my students think through their work before they come up to conference and make some self corrections.  
3.  I also put together a mini lesson for teaching word choice.  I am excited to see how this binder will help my students build their vocabulary.  
4.  The Very Busy Kindergarten is now on Instagram.  You can follow me @The Very Busy Kindergarten Blog.  

5.  Today I am baking baseball cookies for my husband's surprise birthday party.  

Thank you Kacey at Doodle Bugs for hosting the linky party.  
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