Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prayer Rocks

I found this idea on Pinterest this week and it literally took me under 15 minutes to make for free.  I had some rocks in my family room, stickers from my craft room and modge-podge from my craft room.  

At the end of the school day the star student picks a rock and we create a prayer around that rock that reflects our day.  

Last week we prayed for all the love we share with our friends at school, the joy we had at the pumpkin farm and we thanked God for helping us be brave throughout our school day and face our challenges. 

I am thinking a making a couple for myself -- Trust, brave, thankful, help, love, peace, Joy, kindness -- I found out this week that I will be missing school for several weeks due to illness.  Please be patience with my lack of blogging I will try to continue while I am out sick.   

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five For Friday -- Sept. 18


This week in my classroom it was all about creating new little signs to motivate and organize the students.  

The first two I found on Pinterest.  They are just cute reminders that each child is loved and a reminder to be good.  

The next sign I created because my students were so confused when I referred to this pocket chart as the unfinished chart.  They had something similar in kindergarten and it was called the catch up pocket.  So I gave in and created a sign for all the children to see.  

In our religion lesson this week we were reading the story about the Good Shepherd. I created this little sign to go along with the lesson and the sheep from the book. 

And finally my subway art poster I made after shopping at Target one day.  You can see that I am a little obsessed with posters.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Classroom Subway Art

I purchased this at Target a few weeks ago for my home and it inspired me to create something similar for my classroom.  

I found the frame at Michaels and I created the subway art on my computer.  I made two versions just in case you do not work at a religious school.

I just took the jpg to Office Max/Depot and told them what size I wanted and they printed and laminated it for me.  Lucky for me I had a coupon.  I am pretty sure you can copy the print you want just by right clicking on it.  

Enjoy :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Minty Chocolate--2015 Class Pet

When I taught kindergarten I always sent home Mouse as the class pet.  When I was promoted to first grade my partner teacher had a different tradition.  She picks a different animal each year for the children to adopt and name.  Last year my class had a brown dog called Fluffy. The children absolutely loved taking the dog home and writing in the journal and reading it to the class.  

So this summer I found another dog for the class and put together a journal. On the first day of school I introduce the dog to the children and they brainstorm a list of names for the dog.  I thought they came up with some cute names.  However in the end they vote for the name they want.   
This year I am putting the journal in a binder with plastic sheets because our notebook was damaged last year.  Hopefully this will protect the pages so I can give them back to the children.  
The first page is the introduction on getting the dog at Target.  I also wrote the directions for writing in the journal and returning the the class pet to school.    

Then I wrote an entry about Minty and my weekend with my granddaughter.  Hopefully this will give the children an idea of what to do.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Teacher Post --- Favorite Subject

My favorite subject in school has always been Reading.  Even when I was a little girl I loved to read.  I remember sitting on my bed as a young girl on a Saturday reading my Nancy Drew books that I purchased with my allowance.  It was so wonderful to read what I wanted to read and not what was assigned.  Now as an adult I still love to curl up in my bed and read.  

So it is no surprise that I love to teach children how to read.  I love to collect children's literature.  I have made reading the focal point of my classroom.  
I have tons and tons of books......books that the children can take home....
and books that are just for the classroom.

A great day for me is finding a new book that gets the children excited about reading.  
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