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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Money Cards

I found these old picture cards I used when I taught first grade.  I decided to use them again in kindergarten during my May Math Stations.

First of all I made these cards with pictures of flashcards I found in the back of my file cabinet.  You could use clipart or magazine pictures if you wanted.

Then I wrote the names of the objects on the cards and prices.  This will save my sanity so my little ones will not ask me 100 times how to spell.

I created a simple worksheet with MS word.
My little ones stamp the correct coins, using these stamps I found at Lakeshore Learning.  I want my little ones to practice recognizing the coins. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Graphing Coins

Graphing Coins

I am working a bit slow this month.  It is taking me forever to get my math stations together.  
I have recreated an activity I had for my children in past years.  
In the past the children sorted the coins and counted them.  They will continue to do that however I add another dimension to it.  

To introduce the children to this station I read the book:

I shared with them how many of these coin purses once belonged to my daughter Sandy, who they know because she comes to my classroom on breaks from college. I tell them some of the stories about the coin purses.  How Sandy loved dogs and the dalmatian coin purse is her first wallet.  The  purple striped wallet she got at daisy scouts. 

I think what the children like the most about this station is that it has real money in it. 

1.      The children will sort the coins.
(I created some sorting mats to aide students at different levels.)
Click Here for a copy

Click Here for a copy

2.    Next the children will graph the results.
This is my copy, however I made a blank copy at the end of the document if you want to add your own pictures.  Let me know if you have problems.
Click Here for your copy.

3.    Finally the children will add up the total for each coin.

4.    I have a couple of students who need a challenge, they can add up the total for the entire coin purse.  

I try to check each day to make sure that they are on the right track.
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