Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My class made several projects for St. Patrick's day.  The leprechauns I am sure you have seen many times before.  I have been doing this project for years.  In fact I may have taken this idea from my daughters first grade teacher.

This year I added the wanted poster.   I had found it at Erica Boher's First Grade Blog.

The "Lucky Me"  project I saw on Pinterest.  This was a very cute project to do with the kids.  I did this project with the children during Religion.  We created a list of things we were grateful for.  My little ones put a lot of thought and effort into their shamrocks.  

We read this cute book by Don Freeman:

and made this beautiful rainbow art project.
The rainbow was so simple to make.  A paper plate cut in half.  We painted both sides.  Then we used glue sticks to glue the cray paper streamers to both sides of the plate.  

The last project we made was for the elderly in our parish.  We made them St. Patrick's Day cards.  I saw something similar to this on Pinterest.  


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