Friday, August 3, 2012

Rethinking My Classroom Layout Day 2

I think I should maybe rename this rethinking my classroom philosophy.  
As I was working in my room on Day 2, I am all alone thinking where are my students going to work on literacy activities?  Where are they going to read?  Last year everything including my groups were all bunch in the front of the room.  I can I use this space wisely?    You can see as you walk in my door, you have the bookcases right in front of you.
last year as you enter the room

toy area last year

Then I had an idea, pack away some of the toys and only have them use them in a limited capacity.  Then that will free up a lot of space. 

So I moved my reading area to where I had my building center. 

Now my meeting area is wide open.  

I will have my little ones work on word activities and puzzles on the carpet and they will be separate from the children who are looking at books.  

What are your thoughts......I am nervous this is the first time ever for me to have my reading area separate from my meeting area.  


  1. I let mine read all over the room. They read on the rug all together after lunch. Your room looks good. Where will you put your toys? I get nervous when people put away the blocks and house-I think the kids need to play.

  2. I think your room looks fantastic! I keep my toys in plastic tubs under my computer tables. I will post a picture tomorrow on my blog.

  3. Everything looks great!! I think it looks more roomy the way that you have it set up now. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I love having small special spaces all over the room. My Kinders read all over the room. They love under tables, behind furniture and in corners. I have some bathroom rugs that soften their reading spaces. Last year I found a love seat for only fifty dollars and they love to squeeze between the sofa and the puppet theatre to read.I like to rotate my centres and keep some centres tucked away. It's nice to have the extra space in the classroom for display and play.I' ll take some photos next time I am in school.

    Liz :)

  5. Oh I forgot to add that the block and dramatic play centres are always in the room. They are much too important and lovedd to put away. Sometimes I switch out the house centre for a store or other dramatic play centre but something is always there. The centres that I rotate are different construction centres like straws, safari gear, tinkertoys, train or marbleworks.I switch out the puzzles and then there are theme centres like the landscape table, etc

    Liz :)


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