Friday, August 10, 2012

Building Math Vocabulary

Number Words

I cannot believe I did not think of this sooner, however when I was reading the Guided Math book this summer the author was writing about how does your classroom reflect that math is important?

Building Math Vocabulary is very important; in fact, I am making one of my teaching goals this year. 

So as I hung up my numbers that I have had for the 10 years in my classroom, I made a new addition to them this year.

The number words…………………common sense!   Sometimes I can be just a step behind, what can I say.


  1. most people forget the number words. i think you are ahead of the game. lol

    can you check out my new teaching blog and help me pick a design? Would really appreciate it.

  2. Glad you wrote about adding the number word. I added that today to my numbers. I love it.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family


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