Monday, December 24, 2012

Best Last Minute Idea for Christmas

Christmas Card Exchange
I know I blogged about this at the beginning of the month, however this turned out to be an outstanding learning opportunity for my kindergartners.  I am so happy I decided to get involved in this project.

We made forty cards and marked on our poster what states they were going too.

As the cards arrived we colored in the states and let me tell you the cards did arrive three and four a day.  We could hardly keep up with our reading of the cards. 

My class loved hearing about what grade the card came from, what the students’ names where, and what the state animal and insect was.  

It was a wonderful way to introduce the kindergarteners to the different states.  We had many discussions about the differences between states and countries.  The children loved hearing about states that they had cousins in or that they have went to on vacation. 

The was an amazing learning experience.    

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