Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Card Exchange

Never Pass Up An Opportunity…

Last week a parent sent me an email from a teacher in Chicago asking if I was interested in joining a Christmas card exchange with 5o other teachers across the country.  My first reaction was … that is going to be a lot of work….my second reaction was sounds like a fun opportunity.  

I decided my little ones would make a card with a poinsettia on the front, I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest and thought is was something we could do.  
 However my paraprofessional and I thought it was too hard for our children.  We tweaked the projected a bit.

I read them the story, The Legend of the Poinsetta, by Tomie dePalo. 

The children painted flowers on the cards during small groups. 

Then we took a class picture and wrote a note together.

I put together this wall with a poster of the US to record and discuss the Christmas Card Exchange with the children.  We marked all the states we send cards too. 

Can you believe, we already received our first card…..from Connecticut.  My little ones were so excited.    

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