Monday, October 17, 2016

Updating the Listening Center

My Listening Center has changed a lot over the years it all started with the cassette player....

Then I upgraded to ipads...

When I moved to first grade I had several ipads so we had a white baskets

For the most part I had my students just listening to the handful of apps that I had purchased and mainly Mercer Meyer  However last year I learned how to make QR codes and how to purify youtube videos.  This enabled me to control exactly what my student view on youtube.

Last year I had the students make their own listening center in first grade with the ipads. Although we had a lot of fun doing this with a large class it took up to a month to get through all the student reading and lot of my prep time.
So this year I am slowly creating listening center material for the authors the students are learning about each month.   This month I put together some posters for Mo Willems.

Click Here for free Posters with QR Listening Codes

I also have some links with ideas for teachers that I found on Pinterest. If you would like to see more of my author resource page go to

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