Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome To My Classroom

Classroom Tour 2012

Welcome to my classroom.  I went with the owl theme again this year.  I just couldn’t pack away my owls they are so cute. 

Here is my classroom doorway.  My students from last year made them to surprise my new class. 
 I put the bench in the hallway.  It is home to the recess balls.

As you walk in my room, on the right is the computer center and on the left is an ipad center.  

I have another ipad center as well.

The Rainbow Carpet is right in front of the smartboard.  This is my large group area. 
I have my teacher table in the corner with all my teacher things. 

The students keep their things inside these lockers.  Above the lockers is my word wall.  

The children can easily see this information from their tables.

This is the building center and my storage area is above.

Right now this is the house area, this area will change throughout the year.

The writing center is in the corner of the room.

I also have the home reading and level check out books on a cart over here.

Across from the writing center is the science center.

This is the religion table.  I am waiting for the children to decorate the big black space.

 The math center is next on the tour.  I added this board with some math vocabulary on it for the children. 

Behind the math center is the reading center, I am excited to see the children reading in here.

In the center of the room is the word center with lots of activities.

That’s my room, now I need some children.  Only six more days until they come to school. J


  1. Looks great! Enjoy your pretty room!

  2. Your blog is so cute and easy to read!! Thanks for the great ideas and sharing!!!

  3. I love your math numbers! Are you selling them on TPT?


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