Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hands on Alphabet Ideas

 I am doing lots of alphabet work with the kindergarteners and I am constantly looking for new ways to keep the kids interested in learning the letters of the alphabet. Each week I like to present one new activity.  I wanted to create letters for the kids to fill in with objects.  But WHY..........I searched on Pinterest and found the blog A Dab of Glue Will Do who already created the letters and was willing to share for free.  I just downloaded them and mounted them on colorful paper.  I found some fun things for the kids to fill in the letters with.  The cards were a hit with the kids.    
 I used some left over stickers and some rocks from my flower vase to create another alphabet activity.  I only had lower case letters so for now that is what I will use.  I put modge podge over the stickers so they will stick better.  
I plan on using these for putting the letter in order and spelling simple cvc words.  

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