Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Learning the Alphabet

I am working with some wonderful four year olds who do not know most of the letters of the alphabet.  We start each session with our name bags and then we read an alphabet book together.    I found a couple ABC books that we really enjoy. 

A is for Apple, is a great book for teaching the children at all different levels.  It is a must have. 

Here are some of the ABC activities I am using with my little ones. They are mainly hands on activities because I only have a few minutes with them so I do not like to use worksheets. Also I believe little ones learn more when they are having fun. 

I also purchased this unit, Rice Box and Cookie Sheet ABC Center Pack.  It is fabulous.  I am using it with my four and five years old.  I purchased my magnetic letters at Lakeshore Learning. There are several great activities.  


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