Monday, October 10, 2016

10 Simple and Easy Halloween Treats for Your Class

I love making little treats for my students for the holidays.  
I do have some criteria for my treat making:
  1.   The treat must be simple to make.
  2.   The treat must be fun to make.
  3.   The treat must be easy to take home.  
  4.   I have a lot of students (67) this year so it must not be very expensive.  
So with that criteria in mind I went searching on Pinterest for 10 Simple and Easy Halloween Treats for make for my students.  

1.  I love these Sticky Spider Webs.  I googled how to make cotton candy.  OK  This does not meet the criteria.  It's $40 to buy a cotton candy making machine or a very messy process to make it on your own.  BUT  it is super fun and cute!

spider webs
2.  These Candy People are a little closer to the simple and easy criteria.  You just assembly all the candy to the back and tape it.  I don't know how much it will cost.  

candy people
3.  The Pumpkin Treat Bag looks super simple.  If I go to Sam's club or Costco and buy a big tub of orange puff things it will not be very expensive.  Very Easy!

pumpkin treat bag
4.  These Bat Bars look super easy too.  There is a template if you follow the link below.  Black paper and google eyes.   Simple!
Bat Chocolate Bars
5.  The Mummy Bars look even easier.  Use white crepe paper and google eyes. 

Mummy Chocolate Bars
6.  I liked the Bugs and Kisses because I have a lot of leftover spiders from Oriental Trading that I am trying to find ideas for and this would help.  I don't think I would have such a fancy bow for 67 students and I would put them in baggies.
Bugs and Kisses
7.  Lollipop Ghosts are super simple to make...Tootsie Pops and Kleenex or Coffee Filters and Ribbon.  
Lollipop Ghosts
8.  Last Year I made Pumpkin Pops, it was very easy as well.  I used Tootsie pops and tissue paper.  Very Easy.
Pumpkin Pops
9.  These Monsters are adorable.  It would take a little bit more work because you would have to make the bars, then dip and decorate the bars.  Finally wrap all the bars.  It might be a better treat for just one class.

Rice Krispie Monsters
10.  These are super cute...pumpkins or ghosts.  You just need goldfish (which kids LOVE) or popcorn, bags and little ribbons.  Looks very easy to do.  

Halloween Snack Bags

BTW -- I updated my Halloween stories and songs on my Teacher Resource Page.  

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