Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learning the Letters in Our Name

Bright and early in the morning I was working with some adorable four year olds at school. I asked one of the little boys what letter comes after J in his name.  He said, "L M N O P."  

So cute, however that is not how you spell Jimmy.  So I gave it some thought and came back with a new lesson for them to work on recognizing the letters in their names.  

First I created, with help from Graphics from the Pond, name puzzles.  We are going to start out with 3 piece puzzles this week and next week they are just going to get letters.  

Next I went into my basement and found the Duplo blocks I am saving. I wrote one letter on each block.  Each student will have to build a tower with their name on it.  
If this goes well then we will move on to step two.......

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