Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Grade Writing Workshop Chapter 3

First Grade Writing Workshop:  Chapter 3 Keep It Going

First of all this chapter is intense.  It covers so many important topics:  Involving Parent/Buddy Volunteers, Training your Helpers, Assessing the Writing, Procedures for the First Grade Audience, More Mini Lessons Beyond the first six weeks (This was the bulk of the chapter.), and Conferences. 

There are so many wonderful ideas in this chapter there is no way I can write about all of them.  Seriously this is a “Must Read” book for Writer’s Workshop. 

What did I take away from this chapter that I want to incorporate in my classroom?

I created my own Writing Workshop folder.  Just like the folders I created for the students, I made one for myself.  A place to keep all my notes and record organized.  

At the beginning of my binder I have stickers for rewards when needed.  I have the same word reference sheets the students have so I can model using them during a conference.

Next I have the conference sheets that Ms. Lynch has in the back of her book.  I plan on copying them and putting them right in the binder.  
Next, I have several more pocket folders containing graphic organizers I might use during a conference with a student.  
  • My Topics
  • Description: 5 senses
  • Writing Rubric

Finally at the back of the binder I copied mini-lesson ideas Ms. Lynch suggestions. She has great mini-lessons that hit all the common core standards.  I know I will be referring to this book often throughout the school year.   

I like that Ms. Lynch has used a mini-lesson to talk about The Audience’s Responsible during book reading, especially how to ask questions.  I made a quick poster to hang up behind the “Sharing Chair”  as a reminder of how to start your question. 

I also took Ms. Lynch’s suggestion and I am adding my graphics to my Teaching Notebook for Writing Lessons.  I really want all my tools in one place. 

Ms. Lynch provides the idea of “Juicy Words” in one of her mini-lesson ideas.  Teaching word choice to make the stories exciting.  Making a list of juicy words during shared reading can help build vocabulary.  This is a great idea I want to incorporate into my teaching as well.

Books Ms. Lynch recommends for Mini-Lessons:
(She has several recommendations in the book.  I am only writing down the ones I think I already have in the classroom.)
Leads:  Ira Says Goodbye
Details:  Skippy Jones Series
Organization:  Edward and the Pirates
Problem/Solution:  Nate the Great
Point of View:  Somebody and the Three Blairs
Setting:  The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark
Voice:  Hey, Little Ant
Word Choice:  Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

One more important idea I want to make sure I remember for conferencing is what to do when a student is stuck.  She uses a topic sheet (which I put in the writing folders) and helps them get started by drawing the hand graphic and filling it is with notes about the who, what, where, when, why of the story.  I know this will help a struggling writer. 

She also uses the story, Aunt Isabelle Tells a Good One, by Kate Duke, to teach her students to plan out the story.  I just purchased it on Amazon.  

I am looking forward to trying out some of these great ideas in my classroom.  

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