Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Letter from a Student

Dear Mrs. Schueller,
I hope you have a awesome summer.
Next year I hope my brother is in your class. 
If my brother is in your class I bet is going to be 
super excited.
From, Jake

Speech Bubbles:  Good Job Will
I am excited that I am in Mrs. Schueller's class.

Today I stopped at school and found this letter from a student in my  mailbox.  It just made me smile.  First of all it was from a little boy who rarely spoke in my room.  He just smiled all the time.    Second, look at all the wonderful letter writing skills he remembered from first grade.   OK, my name is misspelled, however he remembered the comma after it.  Yeah!!! There are periods at the end of his sentences AND he remembered to color a background for his picture. Just look at his attempt to spell excited!  I am so proud of him.   

PS....Just is case you are wondering his brother is not on my list for the coming year.  :(

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