Saturday, July 4, 2015

First Grade Writing Workshop Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Writing Workshop Basics

My favorite idea from Chapter 1 which I plan on incorporating in my classroom this year is a Writing Folder.  Last year my students had Writing Journals similar to this:
My partner teacher purchased them from Office Max and the students paid for them on the first day of school.  It worked out perfectly because everyone had the same kind of notebook and the parents did not have to chase around town to find them.  This notebook works out fine for rough drafts.  

When my students move to book making they use a template that I found from Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump.
All complete books go in file folders in the writing center.  Each container will have matching file folders with about five students.  
Last year my students just kept their journals and books somewhere in their desks.......yikes.  There where many tears throughout the year when books could not be found.  Ms. Lynch suggests in her book that the students have writing folders for their desks.  What a great idea!  She even recommends "reinforcing the folders with clear, wide, packing tape." 

What do the students keep in the writing folder?????
  • Writing Journal
  • Books they are writing
  • Student Dictionaries
  • ABC Chart*
  • List of 100 High Frequency Words*
  • List of Irregular Words*
(*All these lists/charts are available in the back of the book.)

Here is a picture of what I made for my students....

On the left side of the folder the students will keep their books. 

I decided to put a pocket folder in the folder to hold the ABC Chart and student dictionary. Behind the pocket folder is a clear page protector with the lists of words. 
In the right pocket the students will keep their writing journal.
I decided to make a folder for myself. This way when I am explaining how to put things away or how to use a word list I have a folder handy for a mini lesson.  
I made a second folder for myself to keep track of notes about the students writing.  Ms. Lynch has an excellent chart to track which students you conferenced with each week.  

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  1. This looks like a great management system. Thanks for sharing the ideas and photos, they sure help my understand.


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