Sunday, July 5, 2015

Poetry Basket Page

I decided to try to make my own gallery page.  To be honest I am not making any money blogging so I try not to spend any money blogging as well. I blog to share and exchange with other teachers.  I think the gallery page turned out ok for my first try.  Unfortunately the text does not line up where I set it up but that's ok.  I think I will have to try to make my next gallery page in a program that lets me add the links and text with the picture.  

I combined my poems from The Very Busy Kindergarten and The Very Busy Classroom(which I no longer blog at) all in one place so that you can see if there is anything you can find useful for your class.  

Please stop by and check in out.  You can find it in the Poetry Basket right under the header.  

Happy Reading!

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