Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday -- July 10

This week was sort of crazy.  I had several headaches which cut down on the amount of work I could get done.  However I was working on my big summer project with my partner teacher....

1.  Grids.....I am almost finished with one of three grids that are due this Fall.  This is not a fun task.  In fact I think there has to be a better way to do this.  Documenting what I teach.....I believe that is in the lesson plans I submit each week.  

2.  I found these amazing....gluten free cookies that taste like normal cookies from Molly's Gluten Free Bakery, unfortunately they are not cheap.  Can you tell this gluten free thing is getting to me! 
3.  I received my shipment from Really Good Stuff today.  I am excited about the new posters.  I really like the math strategies poster.  I like the punctuation posters as well.  They are a lot nicer than the ones I made myself.  I purchased plastic reading folders as well.  I could not find the type I liked at Office Max by my house.  The birthday candle poster just looks adorable to me.  I know I purchased a birthday graph pocket chart last year, however it is not as cute as this poster. 

4.  I am excited about the poetry gallery I made on my website this week.  It is nice to see all the poems in one place. I hope to improve it someday but I have a little bit more learning to do. 

5.  I made each of my students a birthday card as well. I only have 16 students this year.  So this project went reality fast.

Thank you Kacey for setting up the party!  :)

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  1. I love the idea of the birthday cards getting created in the summer. What a time saver. Thanks for a good idea.


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