Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing Center

My writing center is complete.   Hooray!!!!

I have lots of new/or should I say redone items in my writing center this year.
1.  I repainted the chairs.
2.  I painted the art tray for art supplies.
3.  I added new labels on the drawers for different items.
4.  I put together a scrap paper the children can find the color paper they want to use.
5.  The owl mobile I printed out, jazzed up a bit and put together.

6.  And finally I saw this bulletin board idea on Pinterest and put one together in my room too.  I used this bulletin board set(sorry could not find original source.)
I color copied the branches and cut them out and laminated them.  
The owls I had from an old pack I bought last year.  
7.  Labelled the mailboxes.
8.  Printed names of students on sentence strips so they will be able to write notes to their friends.
9.  Made Copies of letter paper below....for the center.

I start the year with this simple letter format and teach the children simple letter conventions.

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