Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Countdown begins....

This is not what I was expecting to see when I walked in

6 days before open house.  

This does not look like a classroom ready for open house........what happen?????

When I left the tables and centers were all set up.

Good News.....I think (I know in the long run).....the school had cleaners come in and re-clean the whole classroom..because of some of the paint damage from the lockers.

Do you remember that project from a couple of weeks ago?

I did scrub and scrub but they (the maintenance staff) felt it needed to be done better) 
so they brought in professional cleaners.  
My room looks AWESOME!!!!  
It smells so good :)

But now I have to redo some of my work......oh well......

It is very shiny:)

Did you notice my center signs????  They are hanging over the centers.

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