Monday, August 8, 2011

Colorful Chairs

At the beginning of the summer  I found this picture on Pinterest.....and I thought.....Wow I could do that in my writing center.

 I love the different colored chairs.   

So during the summer I had to learn how to use the power ......very messy

and I sanded the chairs that were in my writing center......

I spray painted them in my classroom colors

I put on a coat of 

And right now my chairs look like this in my writing center.......
I also made a colorful owl mobile .....I am so sorry.....I printed this out last year and I don't remember where I found this.

On another note I was so excited to bring my chairs to school and see how the lockers looked......
The lockers look great....but it took me three hours to clean the paint that soaked through the paper and plastic on the floor.  That was not fun. :(


  1. All your cute artsy projects are so inspiring. I was thinking I wanted to do something with my rocking chair but I don't know anything about sanding.
    Thanks for sharing.


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