Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kindergarten Rocks!

I just finished my organization wall/calendar area.

I cut out the letters: Kindergarten Rocks   out of scrapbook paper.
The large sticker people you see are from a kit I found at Michaels.

I don't have close ups of all my charts but I will tell you what each one is.......................starting at the left.

1. I will have the children color birthday candles to add to the birthday cakes after we read the Wright Group book:  The Birthday Cake.

2.  The first chart on the left is my Home Reading Chart --  The children check out two books a night.

3.  The second chart is my reading center chart.   Traditionally I have four groups and the centers depend on the volunteers I have.  I am reading the book: Literacy Work Stations, so this may change as the year goes on.

4.  The Big Hand displays the School Rules and the chart below it is where the children keep track of their behavior.
The little flip books are the cards where the children keep track of what color their behavior is at.

5.  The next chart is the choice centers chart.

This is the Beginning of My Calendar
6.  Job Window

7.  Daily Schedule Chart
I remade my schedule using the font from :

8.  The Calendar

Next to the Calendar is the Smartboard with the rest of my Calendar.  

I picked out the words Kindergarten Rocks.................because at the end of the Calendar Time we listen to the songs: The Freeze Dance,  ABC Rock, and Number Rock.  I think all these songs are by Steve and Greg but on different CD's.   I have them linked to my Calendar.

I will upload my calendar after I  update it for this year in case you are interested.  It is for Notebook 10. 


  1. Looks GReat!! Have a great Year!!

  2. Thanks for following my blog Preschool Teacher. I love your blog too. Do you have a button I can use to link to you?


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