Saturday, December 2, 2017

Skip Bo Cards

What!!! I can't believe my last post was October!!! Time is going to fast right now.  Life is going to fast right now!    I have a couple things I want to share with you in December that have been working well for me these past couple months.  

I am using Skip Bo cards to teach number awareness to the little four year olds.  They think they are playing cards with me and that's even better.  But these little guys need to learn to recognize their numbers to 10 by Christmas.  

On this day we are working on our number awareness to 8.  As we draw a card we put the cards in number order.  Then each time a student pulls a multiple number they just lay it on top.  If they can not recognize the number, they just count down the row of cards until they can match the cards.  

The game is simple however, it is great practice and review.  They kids love the game and I have noticed improvement each week in their number awareness.    

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