Monday, October 9, 2017

Sight Word Organization

I found this cute container at Michael's and I purchased it without a plan.  It took me some time to come up with an idea however I did finally decide to organize my sight words by levels.  I created flashcards and a stick bang game for each level.  
I coordinated each box with matching fruit graphics.  For example, the red container has an apple, all the level one words have apples on them as well.  This makes it easy for clean up when the levels get mixed together.  
 On the stick bang game, I put color coordinated washi tape on each stick to keep the sticks organized as well.  

So far the response from my students has been positive.  I work with many children at lots of different levels and they love the cute graphics and the fun colors.  Several of the students who have moved levels are very excited to go to the new colors.  
The best part of the box is that it fits perfectly between my teaching binders and the shelf above.   

If you would like the covers and flashcards I made you can pick them up at my TPT store.  

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