Monday, August 28, 2017

My Classroom 2017

**Note:  I did receive some classroom decorations from Oriental Trading Learn 365 in exchange for this post.  However how I used the materials in my classroom were up to me and all thoughts about the products are my opinions.  

I decided to pick items from the Eric Carle Theme for my classroom because my classroom is the reading resource room and I the that that theme went perfect with the room.  The first thing I picked was this adorable Welcome Banner.  
OT Learn 365

It was a bit wide for my door, I have a narrow door,  so I cut it apart(sorry about that) and put it together with some other bulletin board cut outs that I owned to create a door decoration.   I really like how cheery my door is.  I  had several compliments on it from parents and teachers at the open house.
I am by no means finished in my room.  When you have a new room it takes a long time to get all the little finishing touches done.  However, I have what I need to get the school year started in place.  

You will see throughout the room some colorful and inspirational Eric Carle posters.  I love that O.T. used the book characters and added some quotes about learning and being yourself to them. The posters I did not use in my classroom I am going to donate to the school library.  We have a new librarian and I am sure she will welcome the posters.  

This is the best I could do to give you a full view of the room I will be working in this year.   

Most of the room is taken up with the guided reading materials for the primary grades.  I am responsible for keeping the books in order.  
The previous resource teacher, my friend, had a great system in place and I plan to continue her system.  

This is sort of my teacher station.  I some of my resource books here, organization drawers with all supplies, a file drawer with activities and a mini refrigerator with water. I used some of the magnetic pieces from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Retelling pack I received to decorate the front of the refrigerator.  Two students were so excited to see them there during the open house. (I could not find it on their site to link it for you.)   
This is going to be my reference wall.  I hope to hang up more anchor charts for the children to look at when they struggle with a concept as the year goes on.  
The big open wall space here I am planning on hanging a large pocket chart.  This back shelf is for student supplies and easy to grab learning supplies.  
These upper storage shelves is where I will keep all my learning games.  I hope to add more games throughout the year.  

Thanks for visiting my classroom and many thanks to Oriental Trading for the wonderful decorations.  

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