Monday, December 12, 2016

Author of the Month -- Jan Brett

Jan Brett is one of those author's that has so many books that you could introduce her wonderful books in December or even January.  I like to introduce Jan Brett in December with her Gingerbread Baby book.  

Jan Brett is an amazing author who continues to write and illustrate books each year.  If you want to read her basic bio Scholastic has an excellent page about her.

Otherwise Jan Brett has her own webpage with countless resources and author videos to share with your class.  

I created several FREE POSTERS for my listening center with QR codes so that the first graders can listen to several of Jan Brett's stories from youtube. If you do not have ipads in your classroom you can find the links on my Author page at CK Primary

Here are some cute ideas on found on Pinterest that would make great lessons:

This first one is a great idea for a follow up activity for guided reading.  You could use this idea for more than just The Mitten.  
I love making classbook with my students.  The next three ideas would fun and exciting ways to extend the stories in your classroom.  



PS  Don't forget to have your students find the hidden hedgehogs in the illustrations of the Jan Brett books.  

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