Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October Challenge Work

It has taken me all month but I finally finished my October Challenge Pack.  The first graders absolutely loved the September Pack and so do the other first grade teachers.  My challenge activities are for those students who finish all there work and are asking me..."What do I do now?"  The kids have been busy all month working on the activities.  

However a new month is here and it is time to change up the activities in the challenge drawers.  Of course I did everything around the Fall and Pumpkin theme.  I have some amazing and fun activities for the children.  

Challenge #1  Sight Word Bingo
I always like to work on the sight words so of course I have a sight word bingo game.  It is building on the sight words I used in my September Pack.   I feel it is so important to practice practice practice those words!

Challenge #2    Pumpkin Patch Base Ten Blocks Match
During September the First Grade Math Unit was all about Base Ten Blocks and Ten Frames.  So I have a quick review in here which they should be able to do easy peasy.  

Challenge #3  Scarecrows Number Order
This is another September Math skill, put the numbers in order from greatest to least and then from least to greatest.  This was a hard concept for the first graders so I want them to review this again in October.  

Challenge #4   Creepy Crawly Mixed-Up Spider Sentences
These sentences are super easy because I am introducing them to the idea of mixed-up sentences.  My first grades always love mixed-up sentences, they giggle and laugh the whole time they are working on them.  

Challenge #5  Pumpkin Time Poem
Here I found an easy poem for my first graders to read.  After they are done reading they work on the short a sound and rhyming skills. Next they draw a picture to match the words in the poem.  

Challenge #6  Counting Money Cards
In September the first graders counted pennies, now they will count just dimes.  I know money is not part of common core however I feel it is important for them to have some exposure to money before second grade.  So I like to have one easy money activity each month.    

Challenge #7  Batty Math
I'm not gonna lie about this one, some kids get it and some do not. I put hundreds charts in the challenge bin and demonstrate over and over and over and over how to find 10 less and 10 more.  The first graders can not practice this concept enough.    

Challenge #8  Count and Compare
I created my own I Spy the Halloween pictures page and then have the students count them.  Next they compare the numbers with greater than and less than signs.  Again this is review from our regular math lessons.  

Challenge #9  Halloween Reading
This is similar to our daily classroom reading except they must read all Halloween stories.  I made some QR codes for the listening center as well.  

 Challenge #10  Pumpkin Shake and Roll A Word
During spelling the first graders are working on short a and e, so I found this cute idea on Pinterest and made it in Halloween colors.  I know the kids will LOVE it.  

Challenge #11  Tens Frames in the Pumpkin Patch
We have more math review but this time with ten frames.    

Challenge #12  Halloween ABC Order
I was introducing ABC order with making words last month and I thought this would be a great follow up.  I added picture clues next to the Halloween/Fall words to make it easy for the kids to read.  

Challenge #13  Sight Word Stick Bang
There are so many versions of this game on Pinterest, over the past three years my students have loved the stick activities from Reagan Tunstall so I also included one of those as well.  I highly recommend this activity. My class begs to play this game over and over.  

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