Monday, September 26, 2016

Free Halloween Gifts From Oriental Trading

I received this box of Halloween items from Oriental Trading in exchange for a write up about how I would use these items at school with the different classes I teach.   

Thank you so much to Oriental Trading for these items, the children at my school are enjoying the items and activities.  

The first item I picked were these smiley apple erasers.  I love using erasers in estimation jars.  I did this project with the first graders I work with.  I had them make predictions on the recording sheets I made.
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Then I had the students lay out the apples and count them.  This was important because here I noticed one of the first graders struggles with one-to-one counting.  

 It was B week in the K4 room so I took the plastic bats in there.  Wow you would have thought I had a pot of gold.  They were so excited for the bats.  I am working with one little guy on almost every skill.  So we started by sorting them by color.  Then we counted each color and then all the bats together.  Next, we made patterns with the bats.  The children did not want me to take the bats with me so I left the bats so they could play with them.
 This week it will be the letter C in K4 so I am taking each class a set of Candy Corn pointers. I hot glued them to the large popsicle sticks. I also made a set for the K5 classes as well.  I thought the K4's could search the room for the letter C. The K5's can use them for reading sticks.  
 I am also going to use the foam stickers I got in the K4 and K5 rooms.  I thought we could sort them by color and size.  Then make patterns with them.  I know the kids will love these.  
 I think the K5 students will be reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf this week and I thought this leaf art project will be perfect for them.  

The plastic spiders are for the first graders next week.  They will be learning about spiders.  I put together this estimation jar for them and a guessing sheet.  
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When they are finished with guessing and counting the spiders I thought it would be fun to make this art project I found on Pinterest.  

The last thing that I received I am saving for the Halloween party in K5.  We will be making Halloween pattern necklaces.  I thought we could use smiley candy corn necklace to go with that project.  

Thank you again to Oriental Trading for providing the resources used in this post for the students at my school.  

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