Monday, September 19, 2016

Be A Good Listener

From:  First Grade Fever

This past week I have been mainly working with the first graders at my school.  First Graders are so honest, even to a fault sometimes. We have several students who struggle with listening during instruction and following directions.  

So I came home today thinking I would come up with some lessons on being a good listener and make a card for them to keep on their desk as a reminder to listen.  I LOVED  the Good Listener Banner that I found at First Grade Fever a couple of years ago and I refer to often throughout the school year when my class has the case of the wiggles.  I want to keep that language and build from there.  

I was looking up some good resources to use with this group of students because I do not think my favorite book Listen Buddy by Helen Lester is going to work, at least not yet. 

I came across this book Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen. I was so excited that I could ordered it on my Kindle account so I will have it for tomorrow however when I downloaded it a pop up said it was not compatible with and ipad. Now I am out $4 dollars.  

However I got lucky and found the story on youtube.    
Youtube Link

As I was searching around on Pinterest I found Erica Bohrer just posted about Whole Body Learning and she has two wonderful FREEBIES a lesson and a card for the desk and now I don't have to make anything.  Thank you now I have more time for reading!

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