Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A is for Apples

I created CK Primary back in 2009 after I received a Smartboard in my classroom.  It was before Pinterest and I wanted a place to save my teaching resources.  

I share the site with the other primary teachers at my school although I think I mainly add content to it.  My goal this year is to update the site and make sure all the content is available. 

I know many teachers at my school will be teaching about apples in the next two weeks so I wanted to make sure all the apple information was up to date.  

I found some cute stories on youtube and some great songs.  I put them through  VIEWPURE to eliminate most of the ads and junk that is not appropriate for young children. However you may still get one pop up ad at the very beginning.   My favorite video is Ten Apple Up On Top.  Vancemo changes it into a song.  So cute!  So please stop by and check out this Apple Page I think you will be pleasantly surprise.  

I have recommended books, links, songs, and art project ideas all on one page.   

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