Monday, September 12, 2016

10 Cute and Adorable Apple Projects

September is APPLE MONTH.  Time to get out all your favorite apple books and start thinking about what apple projects you want to do this year.  

There are so many cute projects on Pinterest it is so hard to pick which ones I have time for.....Here are a couple of my favorites:  

For my Kindergarteners I love making this apple card...
Another Kindergarten favorite is the torn art project.  Some of my students struggle with this project because they want to cut the paper with scissors instead of tearing the paper. However I think the torn paper give the apples the character that makes the project.  

I did this next one with my first graders.  I had them draw the apples and paint them. We cut them out and arranged them on scrapbook paper.  

I think you could do the next project two ways:  1. Stamp out the apples or 2. Have the students draw and paint their own apples. Either way this apple wreath is adorable.  I think this would be great for first or second graders.  The cutting out would be tricky. 

This paper plate apple project would be great for preschool or four year old kindergarten.  It is simple and really you would provide the pieces and the children just glue.  Although this is made of felt I think you could easily do this with card stock.  

This Apple Collage is all made out of scrapbook paper.  This project would be perfect for any age group.  I think the kids would love gluing down the different designs. 

This Bubble Wrap Apple project looks like so much fun.  Just paint the bubble wrap and press it onto paper.  Cut out the apples and decorate.  So simple and cute.  This looks easy enough for any age group.  

This Smily Apple is so adorable as well...and it looks like the kids even cut out some of the pieces. Again a nice simple project for preschool through first grade. First Grade Blue Skies even has more ideas on this page for you.  

This Apple Core project is almost to easy to believe and it is so sweet looking.  It is simple enough for any age group.  

The Seasons of the Apple Tree is a project I have done several times. It was part of a unit I purchased.  It turns out adorable.  I like it because there is such a great science tie in for this project. It takes a little bit more prep work on your part and has more steps then some of the other projects put it is worth it.  It is definitely a five year old kindergarten to first grade project.  

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