Monday, August 1, 2016

Teaching Verbs to First Graders

Today I am focusing on teaching mini lessons about verbs.  When I introduce a new concept I like to start with something fun and exciting.  I found this cute 2 minute clip on youtube about verbs. I am always nervous about showing things on youtube because you never know what is going to pop up.  So I use a site called viewpure to clean up the clutter around the song so I don't have to worry about pop ups.  I have the original link and the cleaned up link below.  

Video by hosunSG on Youtube

After we watch the The Verb Jungle we will begin to create a chart to list the verbs we heard in the song. 

For the remainder of the week I will read the books below during shared reading, as we read we will again add the list of verbs to our chart.

At the beginning of each Writing Workshop time I will try to use some of the verbs we found from the chart in my own writing.  This always leads to a discussion of word endings.  Generally I am not ready to teach all the ins and outs of word endings yet so I made a quick chart for my students.  If they come up with more words on their own I will add them to their dictionaries.  

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