Friday, July 29, 2016

Five for Friday -- July 29

It's Friday again and I didn't get to work much this week on my school projects.  My dear mother-in-law passed away and we have been busy working with my husband's family to get all the necessary arrangements taken care of.   Although we will miss her dearly we know she is with grandpa in heaven now and that gives us peace.  

1.  This week I organized some materials for teaching transitions.  I will be able to stretch these materials out for several lessons because my mini lessons are generally under 10 minutes.  

2.  Another big project I finished this week was cleaning up our guest bedroom.  It took me all month to organize and go through all the stuff we had in there.  
3.  A fun activity I did this week was going to see two of my former students perform in a community play.  I went with several other teachers.  We went out to eat and then to the play, The Little Mermaid.  It is so much fun to see my students now that they are older.  

4.  Summer is so relaxing.  I was able to finish reading another book this week.  I am desperately trying to be more of a morning person so I read, The Miracle Morning.  I made two suggestions from the book for myself.  A vision collage for my desk and a morning book of affirmations. 

5.  Finally I spent some time making book labels for the new first grade teacher at our school.  I have a google drive full of labels.

 Thanks Kacey for hosting the linky party.  I am looking forward to reading about what other teachers are doing this week.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss. These things are always so hard... your family will be in my thoughts!

  2. Very sorry for your loss. I like your vision collage. I tried to use some apps for affirmations, but they didn't work for me...I may have to try to make a book!

  3. So sorry about your the death of your mother in law. It's always sad when a parent dies. I'll be praying for your family!
    So nice of you to make labels for the new teacher. This is the time when the labels start flying off the printer.
    Thanks for your post! Linda's Learning Loot

  4. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It was a sad weekend however we enjoyed being together as a family and sharing memories.


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