Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Teaching Adjectives in First Grade

 I found some amazing books for teaching adjectives to my first graders.  All these books were in my library and they are full of adjectives.  An extra bonus is that they are stories my first graders enjoy.  So during the week when we are learning about adjectives these will be the stories I will read during Shared Reading.  

My favorite teaching strategy is to create a anchor chart to match the chart below.  It will not be exact because the words on the chart will be the words the students brainstorm from our reading. However I will put this chart in their writing folders so my students can easily find adjectives to add to their own writing.  
I found this idea on Life in First Grade I did something similar to it during my Morning Meeting time.  
Life In First Grade
1.  Each student drew a picture of his/her self. 

2.  Then each morning after we picked our star student we would put up his/her picture and then the children would brainstorm adjectives to describe the person.  
3.  We put all the pictures together to make a class book.  

Making a poster or a class book is a great way to get the students excited about using adjectives.  

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