Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gifts from Oriental Trading


Recently I received an email from Katie at Oriental Trading offering me $75 dollars worth of classroom supplies for FREE!  Wow!  What a generous gift!  

At first I wanted to get all the Paint Chip Decorations I could find they are absolutely adorable, however then I remember I had a new role at school this year and I would be traveling between classrooms.  So I have to be a little bit more practical about what I picked out.

One thing I love to do is give out gifts especially for birthdays so one of the teachers I work with and I found a birthday cup idea on Pinterest.  We are going to fill the cups up with lots of goodies including these bouncy balls we ordered from Oriental Trading.   

Another thing I decided to order was plastic folders for reading folders.  Then when I work with students they have someplace to put the books and notes I give them to take home and review.  

Next, I ordered an art project for my favorite class, the second graders, to make when they are learning about Reconciliation. Second Grade is such a big year and it is so hard to find projects to use when teaching Reconciliation.  

And finally I ordered some Multicultural Markers because you can never have enough of these. 
 Thank you again Oriental Trading for a the wonderful gifts.  I know the students at my school will appreciate the items very much.

  P.S.  I created a wish list of more items I hope to get soon:
Wish List Link

Please Note This Disclaimer:  I did get this items for free in exchange for this post.  However I would have purchased these items anyways.  

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