Friday, August 19, 2016

Five for Friday -- August 19

This has been an exciting week around my house, lots of ups and downs.  I started by with teacher in-service as well.  

1.  We had a surprise birthday party for my husband at the Brewers Game. It was so much fun and very hot.   

However, then we came home and watched the news and there is a lot of tension in our city. Although this is not close to where I live, I pray for peace and togetherness every night.   

2.  My husband and I took some time to talk through our five year goals this week.  What do we want to accomplish before he retires.  
3.  I have made a goal board behind the door in my craft room with blogging, personal, travel and house goals.  This makes my goals real and reminds me daily what to strive for.  
4.  When I went shopping at Target I found these Removable Apple Chalkboard Decals in the $1 Section.  I thought they made great headers for my goal board.  
5.  I was so excited to receive these wonderful gifts from Oriental Trading this week.  It brighten my day.  
Thank you Kacey from Doodle Bugs for hosting the Linky Party.  

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