Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting Ready for My Challenge Pack

I have been working on and off all of August creating my September Challenge Work Pack.  I had the goal of having this ready to sell mid-August and that did not happen.  So I am late to the game now. Oh well!  My new goal is by Friday it will be ready and uploaded to TPT.  

To help me get there I thought I would show you how I use Challenge Work in my classroom.  

Challenge Work in my classroom is for students who finish all their work and are wondering, “What should I do now?”  I have a poster hanging up in my classroom to remind my students what steps they should take. (Sorry about the picture quality...the lights are so bright in the classroom they make everything shine.)

I have this poster hanging up by their “Catch Up and Must Do” work.

All my students have a green challenge folder.    I correct Challenge Work daily.  The students receive their folders in the morning from the pass out helpers.  

The children can complete one challenge assignment a day and then turn in their folder to me in the baskets.

Then they have free time in the classroom.  (Most students rarely have free time so it is a big deal to finish something.)

If a student has mistakes on the challenge work it is returned the next day and they must correct the mistake.  It does not count as a complete challenge assignment.  They must complete a new one before they have free time.    


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