Friday, August 26, 2016

Five for Friday -- August 26

It's back to school time.  
It's so long to sleeping late 
and so long to naps.  
It's time to listen to the bells 
and eating as fast as you can before you recess duty.  
1.  I passed out these sunshine jars to my primary team this week. There were lots of smiles from everyone.   
2.  I am so excited to hear what the children did on their summer vacations, mainly because I didn't go anywhere this summer.  
3.  We decided to try bathroom passes during lunch time.  We have so many children running to the bathroom during our lunch hour.  We want to see if we can cut that down.  We want the children to spend their time eating.  
4.  I did a favor for a friend.  I cut the letters to make a bucket for a friend.  I also added polka-dots on the sides.  

5.  I finished this book this week.  It was a quick read.  The story was very interesting.  I thought is was nice how the author wrote the characters name on top so you knew who's point of view you were reading.  The twists kept me guessing throughout the story.  

Thank you Kacey from Doodle Bugs for hosting the linky party.  


  1. Hello Sue, I enjoyed reading about your week! Absolutely loved your sunshine jars- how sweet!
    Have a relaxing week,
    Miss Tess' Classroom Blog

  2. What a great start to the year for you. We are almost at the end of winter here in Australia and are three weeks away from Spring Break. I need to track down that book to read in my break.
    Paula from Paula’s Place

  3. Thanks Tess and Paula for reading TVBK and leaving comments. I found the book used on Amazon Prime for a few dollars.


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