Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week -- Sanity Savers


There is one thing that can shut me down when I am trying to teach......clutter and disorganization. I like everything to have a home.  Over the years I have tried to make things as low maintenance as possible.  

The binders on the bottom shelf keep all my run offs organized by week.  I keep them in plastic divider folders.  I never have to file away papers.  I just go through the folder and decide if I need those papers and turn the folder in.  

The brown metal drawer has been with me the last eighteen years that I have taught.  I love this thing!  I organize everything in it.  I have band-aides, staples, markers, marker covers, glue sticks, glue stick covers, post-its, rulers, paper punchers and so much more. 

Another one of my favorite things is my pencil and marker carousels.   I am able to organize all the things I use on a daily base in one spot. I have one for my desk and one for my reading table.  
I also have a lot of file cabinets filled with books and other materials I use for teaching throughout the year.  I try to incorporate them in my class layout so they are not so obvious.
My main cabinets are right as you walk in the room.....
I am using the back of the file cabinets like a bulletin board for great work.  

I have two smaller file cabinets filled with holiday check out books.  They open outwards.  I use the top of the file cabinet as the religion table.  I plan on hanging prayers on the front of the cabinets.  

The third little file cabinet in right next to my desk.  It contains the handouts for the week and my teacher files.  

My last and final sanity saver that hides a lot of clutter is my little red curtains. The curtains hide all the things that are stored until we need them, such as, indoor recess toys, science experiment materials, and chapter books.   

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