Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teacher Week -- Organizing Meals for the Week


I plan my dinners just like I lesson plan.  I have a binder divided into weeks. At the moment I have six weeks of menus organized.   
I have my binder divided into weeks...
The front section is quick and easy recipes that I can make under twenty minutes. This is for the days when I get home too late to cook or I just don't feel like cooking a whole meal or I want one of my quick and easy favorites.   
Then the next six weeks are set up with a cover sheet.  The cover sheet contains the meals for each day and the grocery list for the week.  
Then behind each divider I have all the recipes for the week. It makes things easy to find.  

I am trying to find at least two to three crock-pot recipes for a week.  I try to make them on the weekend.  We tend to have at least enough food leftover for one more meal.  That is enough to take us through the week and I generally only need to cook one more meal. 

This system is working well for us at the moment.  Here are two of my favorite crock-pot recipes.

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