Monday, September 7, 2015

Minty Chocolate--2015 Class Pet

When I taught kindergarten I always sent home Mouse as the class pet.  When I was promoted to first grade my partner teacher had a different tradition.  She picks a different animal each year for the children to adopt and name.  Last year my class had a brown dog called Fluffy. The children absolutely loved taking the dog home and writing in the journal and reading it to the class.  

So this summer I found another dog for the class and put together a journal. On the first day of school I introduce the dog to the children and they brainstorm a list of names for the dog.  I thought they came up with some cute names.  However in the end they vote for the name they want.   
This year I am putting the journal in a binder with plastic sheets because our notebook was damaged last year.  Hopefully this will protect the pages so I can give them back to the children.  
The first page is the introduction on getting the dog at Target.  I also wrote the directions for writing in the journal and returning the the class pet to school.    

Then I wrote an entry about Minty and my weekend with my granddaughter.  Hopefully this will give the children an idea of what to do.  

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