Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Classroom Tour 2015

Today is Open House day at my school.   That is the day all the children come to the classroom and meet their new teacher and drop off all their school supplies.  

When you first walk into my classroom you will see the reading center.

Right behind the reading center in the Religion Table.  I use the term Religion Table loosely because it really is two small file cabinets.

The front white space of the file cabinets I plan on putting a prayer and kid pictures.  

My Science Center and Word Center are right next to each other.  I put my little table in the area so the kiddos have room to spread out and explore.  

My Writing Center is an area I put a lot of thought and money into this year.  First I move the center over by the Word Wall and I put all the supplies up against the wall.  

Last year the children were constantly writing at the small table so I purchased a large table for the area.  

I am hoping it will encourage the children to write and draw more at the table.  

This is my desk area.  My binders are on a little shelf in front of my desk.  The little baskets on the white file cabinets are for picking up and turning in work.  I even made some cute signs.

Here is the view of my classroom from the back of the classroom....

And here is the view from the front of the classroom.....

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