Thursday, August 13, 2015

How I Organize the Areas Where I Teach

I would like to share with you the areas in my classroom that I organize as teaching spaces.  Even though I have a desk, my students rarely see me sitting at the desk.  

 This is my main teaching area.  The carpet area is the center of my classroom.  My students generally sit on the carpet area for main instruction.  I use the book stand or the smart board for everything.  
 Behind the book stand I keep books and things that I use to make charts on the book stand.  I like to keep the literature I am reading for the week in the basket.  I also have my teacher writing journal and copies of the student folders so I can model for them where I want things to go.
 This is my hard drive, dvd/vhs player and document camera (which I love.)  The pocket chart behind the computer will show my daily five procedures.  
 Here is another space I spend a lot of time, my kidney table.  I have many small groups here throughout the day.  
 Behind the table I keep lots of supplies I use daily with the children.  The divider stores all the papers I pass out throughout the day.  The jars contain our prizes that go with the reward coupons.  I have another little carousel from PB.  It contains: high lighters, pencils, stapler, literacy sticks, reading bookmarks and post its.    
 These file cabinet contain EVERYTHING!  All my center files, books for shared reading, guided reading, seasonal books for the reading center, science, social studies and religion.....really EVERYTHING!!!!!  I have a lot of resources from the twenty years I have been teaching and I keep them in these four cabinets.  
 I used black contact paper to cover the one brown cabinet on the top and the back so it would blend it as you walk in.  
 Here is the inside of the file drawers they really are packed with decorations and art projects.  

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