Friday, July 31, 2015

Five For Friday -- July 31


1.  I was very pleased to be finished my Welcome Letters to my students.  
2.  I am cleaning up and packing up the things I took home in June to go back to school.  It will be nice to get these things back to school and out of my house.  Unfortunately the floors are being waxed at the school this weekend so the bags will have to wait until Monday.

3.  I have been working on my ELA Common Core grids and I thought I was finished and ready to celebrate......BUT.....I remembered just now as I was typing......I need to go back and check lots and lots of boxes.   :(  Boo Hoo!

4.  I am so happy that my granddaughter is playing with books.  She is off to a good start.

5.  I have been watching White Collar on Netflix this summer as I work.  Thank goodness I finished all the seasons just in time to start back at work.  Now I need a new series.  

Thank you Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting the party.  

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