Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday -- July 24

Believe it or not I did not do much school work this week. However I do have a couple things to share.  

1.  I enjoyed several sunsets by Lake Michigan and lots of reading. I finished my books, First Grade Writing Workshop and Initiative Eating. 

 2.  We did lots of bike riding.  There are some beautiful bike trails in Michigan.  We also did some wine tasting.

3.  The rest of the week I did lots of washing.......
I washed all my math center manipulatives and my letter tiles. 

4.  One day I took my mom to see my beautiful grand-daughter.  We had a great day playing and singing.  
5. I created this Healthy Living list for myself.  I am trying very hard to work on changing my habits.  I am refined my goals and created a bookmarks for myself. I generally reading at least three different books at a time.  
Thanks for stopping by to read. 


  1. I love your healthy list and the bookmarks! What a great reminder as I get ready to gear up for a busy year. Thanks!

  2. Love your bookmarks-- get way to remember those values.

    My Bright Blue House


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