Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Grade Writing Workshop: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is entitled, The Publication Process, however I found lots of mini-lesson ideas that I intend on using in my classroom. I wrote about three of my must do items.   

  1. Create a list of verbs on flash cards/pocket chart have the students act out the words.  That is the lesson!   Now leave the words up in the pocket chart and the students can add them to their writing.  
    Here is another great idea from First Grade Blue Skies.
2.  Another great lesson is called the Synonym Stretch, I found two great ideas from Pinterest to follow up the activity with.  

3.  I don't know about you but I struggle with teaching my students how to revise their own work.  Judy Lynch has several ideas on how to approach this.  I am going to start with a couple of her suggestions:
  • Reading Phones.....have the students reread their pieces in their reading phones.  I think the kids will have fun with this and it may slow them down long enough to reread.  

  • Use Red Pencils as you reread and correct your own rough draft.  I know my students love to be the teacher.
  1. Words left out
  2. Cross out extra words
  3. Check for punctuation
  4. Check for capitalization
  5. Circle shaky spellings

She also suggestions the book Punctuation Takes a Vacation to use as you teach a mini-lesson.  

Well this book is over so it's time to find a new book to read.  

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