Monday, June 15, 2015


This year my biggest disappointment in my teaching was writing.  I just could not get my students to apply what I was teaching them in their own writing.  So my goal this summer is to look the writing common core and what I am teaching and see what I can do to improve. 

Below is a book one of my students wrote towards the end of the year:

I thought she did an excellent job on her illustrations.  She has a great idea for her story.  However, I would like to see her write more examples and details in her sentences and use her first grade dictionary.  This is something all the kids give as an suggestion but what does it really mean.  This is where I need to step up my teaching and provide lessons to help them. 

In order to rethink and re-evaluate my writing curriculum,  I am going to reread the book, Of Primary Importance, by Ann Marie Corgill.  I am also going to read what I can on the web to find out what other teachers are doing.  I am determined to not purchased anything new…..just use the materials I already have. 

This was my writing center for the last two years.  This year my class barely spent any time in it.  I need to get the kids excited about writing.  I have some changes planned for next year however I am always open to suggestions.  

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